Why Using Sealant on a Wisconsin Terrazzo Floor Is a Very Good Idea

Nov 04, 2019
Sealant on a Wisconsin Terrazzo Floor Is a Good Idea

If you are interested in making the landscape of your home as gorgeous as possible, then you may already be familiar with a type of flooring known as terrazzo tiles. Basically, it is concrete blended with chips and flakes of virtually any other type of material to make a mosaic. It is quite popular and, when done right, can be very beautiful. However, there are several reasons why you will want to seal it with a terrazzo floor sealer after the floor is laid down.

Oil And Grease-Proof

One thing that can completely destroy traditional flooring is oil and grease. If left on the floor, it will soak in and cannot be removed. Depending on what type of oil or grease it is, it may even begin to deteriorate the floor, damaging it beyond repair and calling for complete replacement. This need not be a worry when a sealant is used on a terrazzo floor. This is because sealing the floor makes it impermeable to any substances getting through to the actual floor.


Another thing that can quickly destroy flooring is the development of mold. If a floor is untreated, the spores of the mold will seep into the permeable floor and begin to take hold. However, if you have used a terrazzo floor sealer, then the mold cannot penetrate the sealant and therefore cannot grow.

No Stains

While not necessarily ruining a floor, stains can certainly render them unsightly. By coating the floor with a sealant, liquids cannot soak into the floor and create a stain in the first place.