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Ceramic & Coastal Coating

One of the biggest challenges the world is facing is the climate crisis. As a business owner, you have choices to help reduce chemicals in our water and to increase energy efficiency on your commercial property. Simix provides a straightforward and cost-effective solution to accomplish this goal.

At Simix, we have developed a line of ceramic coating and coastal coating products that are designed to reduce the presence of waste in landfills, to reduce the number of toxic chemicals used in stripping processes, and to provide a durable coating for commercial roofing systems that increases heat reflection to reduce your use of energy in the cooling process.


To decrease the surface roof temperature of your building by 40 to 76 degrees, Simix offers a safe roof cleaner to remove surface dirt and grime. We follow this with our cool roof coating that reflects the sun's heat and drops the temperature. Our roof ceramic coating is durable and can be applied to any commercial roofing system. Learn More


Simix commercial floor coating is designed to provide a durable, lasting, shiny surface on your floors, even in heavy traffic areas. Using our commercial floor coatings means never having to strip or burnish your floor again, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals, and saving the water and the environment. Learn More


Commercial kitchens benefit from the use of our cooking equipment and grease trap cleaning solutions. Our kitchen grease cleaner eliminates the need for costly and wasteful hydro jetting processes. Our commercial kitchen floor coating keeps the area clean and slip-free. Learn More

Air Conditioning

After cleaning, applying our air conditioner coating to your commercial AC unit will boost energy efficiency and cooling ability. In addition, the cleaning and air conditioner coating acts as a lasting air conditioner odor eliminator, improving air quality in the building. Learn More

At Simix, we are passionate about our ceramic coating and coastal coating products. To find out how our products can make your business greener and more energy efficient while decreasing your operating costs, call us at 262-705-2585.


Simix Cuts Down on Waste in Landfills

Every time you use wax and stripper, you send dozens - or even hundreds - of plastic containers and boxes to the landfill. But Simix Ceramic Floor Coating and Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner / Degreaser / Sanitizer last longer and go farther. You will cut down on that waste by more than 90%.

Simix is Safer for the Water Supply

The stripping process sends millions of gallons of chemical pollutants down the drain. There is no way to completely remove those toxins from the water supply. All those stripping chemicals go right back into our lakes and rivers, and then right back into our faucets at home.

Simix Saves Energy

When applied to a rooftop, the titanium dioxide in Simix Ceramic Coating reflects radiant heat and resists dirt buildup. Whiter and cleaner rooftops reflect more heat. When you reflect heat, your building stays cooler naturally, and you use less energy to cool the building.