February 13, 2024. North Fort Myers, FL 82°F
Initial readings after cleaning at 11:53 am under this deep blue sky.
Final readings after coating at 12:16 pm under the same deep blue sky and temperature.
After cleaning: 35.6V x 10.16A = 362W
After coating: 38.1V x 12.25A = 467W

105 Watt increase

29% Improvement

Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel efficiency is negatively affected by increases in temperature and cloud cover. Of the light that reaches Earth’s surface, Infrared Radiation (IR) makes up 49.4% while visible light provides 42.3% and Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) provides 8.3% of the total solar radiation. Only the visible light produces electricity.

Why is this important?

SIMIX deflects a significant amount of UV and IR rays which heat the panel and hinder the production of electricity. SIMIX unique combination of technologies allows more visible light to reach the
PV cells improving your panels performance.

*Note: Results will vary depending on the time of the day and cloud cover.

SIMIX protects your solar panels and improves performance

What is SIMIX?

SIMIX Ceramic Clearcoat is a permanent non film-forming, super-hard liquid glass that will never yellow, chip, peel or crack. Just like in glass, the primary ingredient in SIMIX is silica (sand). That is mixed with potassium and lithium for hardness and conductivity. SIMIX pulls heat from the panel. It is not an insulator like all other traditional solar panel coatings on the market. SIMIX prevents static charge build-up virtually eliminating dust attachment.

  • Permanent ceramic clearcoat
  • Stops UV oxidation
  • Prevents dust from attaching
  • Breaks down greenhouse gases
  • Stays cleaner longer
  • Prevents salt damage
  • Reduces PM time
  • Water-based • Zero VOCs • No odor
  • Prevents static charge build-up
  • Easy application • Fast drying

What is SPOT-ON?

Sustainable Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology (SPOT) is what we call the titanium dioxide inside SIMIX Coatings and Cleaner. Titanium dioxide is a safe, naturally occurring compound that deflects a significant amount of UV and IR rays on the Solar Panel, both of which restrict the output of the panel and allows more of the photons or natural light to enter the panel which is what produces the power.

Mixing Chart

Distilled or RO water SIMIX Total Coverage/per mixed gallon
20 Gallons 1 Gallons 21 Gallons 11,827 sq. ft.
10 Gallons 1/2 Gallons 10.5 Gallons 5,913 sq. ft.
5 Gallons 1 Quart 5.25 Gallons 2,956 sq. ft.
122 Ounces 6 Ounces 1 Gallon 563 sq. ft.

You will need:

Pump-up sprayer
Microfiber window cleaner scrubber
Distilled or RO water

Scrubber/squeegee combo kit available at The Home Depot

1 Gallon of SIMIX makes 21 Gallons of coating. Easy application is sprayed, mopped, and then squeegeed. (4 coats per panel). Standard panel size: 39x 65/17.6 sq. ft. Depending on temperature and humidity conditions you can expect to coat 112-224 panels per gallon of concentrate.

Cleaning and Coating Instructions

  • Cleaning Instructions: To clean panel, use 1 small scoop (scoop included) SIMIX Multi-Surface Cleaner/1 gallon of water. For heavily soiled panels use 2 small scoops. Clean using the microfiber window cleaner scrubber, then squeegee dry.
  • Reuse microfiber window cleaner scrubber to apply coating: Clean scrubber and squeegee with SIMIX Multi-Surface Cleaner and rinse until water is clear.
  • Coating Instructions: Thoroughly wet surface with SIMIX Multi-Surface Ceramic Clearcoat solution using the pump-up sprayer (approxiametly 4-6 oz. per standard commercial panel). Using the microfiber window cleaner scrubber, work solution left to right, then up/down motion using pressure to promote adhesion of coating to panel surface. SIMIX coating will bond to panel surface leaving behind excess water. Squeegee off excess water. Allow to visibly dry. Repeat to achieve a total of 4 coats.
  • Clean-up: Clean tools with SIMIX Multi-Surface Cleaner. Rinse after cleaning.