Restaurant Owners: This 5 Minute Video Will Save Lives and Save You Time and Money

Jun 01, 2020
Dale Eisenberg owns four restaurants in the Chicago area. He has been using Simix for one year, and in this video he talks about why he loves it.

Simix has saved Dale thousands of dollars on grease trap cleaning and maintenance.

Simix makes floors less slippery and cuts down on your slip-and-fall costs.

Restaurant workers love Simix because it is non-toxic. It doesn't dry out or irritate their hands. There are no fumes.

Simix makes it easy to clean ovens, grills and fryers. And, Simix keeps pipes flowing.

In this video, Dale talks about how he has not had to hydrojet his pipes in over a year.

Simix also eliminates restroom odors, and makes it easy to clean windows and coffee urns. 

How to Clean Commercial Kitchens with Simix