Transitioning Epoxy Terrazzo at UW Madison to Simix

Nov 07, 2019
Transitioning Epoxy Terrazzo at UW Madison to Simix

How to Transition Epoxy Terrazzo to
​Simix High Shine Ceramic Coating

This video shows the process taken at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to transition epoxy terrazzo from traditional floor finish to Simix High Shine Ceramic Coating. With Simix, you never strip again and you eliminate daily burnishing.

The most important part of the transition process is surface prep. Simix is extremely thin and the surface must be completely stripped for the coating to work properly.

  1. First, this floor was stripped and rinsed with a 220 diamond pad to remove all residue.
  2. Next, hit the floor with a 200 diamond disc. Do 6 to 8 passes both ways.
  3. Pick up slurry and rinse floor with red pads.
  4. After rinsing, reapply fresh water for next diamond disc.
  5. Place the four 400 diamond discs on the pad at opposite corners. Do four passes both ways.
  6. Pick up slurry and rinse.
  7. Then, using the 800 discs, do four passes both ways.
  8. Pick up slurry and rinse. 
  9. Clean and rinse floor two more times. Clean edges and corners.
  10. Let dry.
  11. Burnish with 3000 diamond pad, 2 to 3 passes both ways.
  12. Clean floor of all burnishing dust using a tac strip dust mop or wet rinse.


  1. Mix Simix High Shine Ceramic Coating at 4 parts water to 1 part coating. 
  2. Use looped microfiber flat mop to apply to floor.
  3. Allow floor to dry between coats. Simix dries quickly. 
  4. Apply 4 coats.


  1. Clean floor. 
  2. Burnish with 3000 diamond.
  3. Apply 4 more coats.