The Best Way to Prevent, Clean, and Dissolve Grease Clogged Drain

Jan 25, 2018
The Best Way to Prevent, Clean, and Dissolve Grease Clogged Drain

Grease clogging or accumulation inside drainpipes is usually a major concern to most homeowners. This is because it can cause expensive-to-repair plumbing problems. The accumulation of grease leads to fluid overflow from the plumbing fixture, which can cause flooding in your home. Here is an overview of preventing, cleaning, and dissolving grease-clogged drains.


Prevention of Grease Clogged Drains


Prevention is the most crucial step in avoiding grease accumulation in drainpipes. Avoid disposing of butter, fats, oils, and eggshells in the sink. Moreover, it would help to soak greasy utensils in a grease-dissolving cleaner before washing them. Furthermore, wipe solids and grease from dishes, pans, and pots before cleaning them.


Use a Caustic Drain Cleaner


Caustic cleaners are effective in cleaning grease-clogged drains. You should use a generous amount to penetrate through the accumulated grease. Avoid frequent use of caustic drain cleaners because they can corrode the pipes and cause damage.


Use Compressed Air


You can use compressed air or a carbon dioxide drain gun. The compressed air will push the grease down the drain, where it would be easy to remove it physically.


Use a Household Plunger


A household plunger is a popular tool homeowners use to fix clogged drains. The tool is quite affordable and available in most shops. You can unclog the drains by pushing the plunger down the accumulated grease.


Certified plumbers can help you learn more tips to clean and dissolve grease clogged drain. You should look for the best products to help prevent and clean accumulated grease in sinks and toilet drains.