Green Concrete Floor Coating Technology Proves Attractive to Contractors

Aug 24, 2019
Concrete Floor Coating Technology
A group of environmental engineers recently announced that they've developed a new type of concrete floor coating that can help to reduce energy usage as well as make it easier to keep concrete floors sterile. Contractors who have to deal with specifications sheets that request both of these requirements are flocking to the new material, which is almost as easy to work with as traditional paint. While there are some extra steps involved with applying it, most contractors have found that it takes very little practice to get up and running with it.

Sterility has become a major consideration in building projects throughout the last few years. Those who work in the hospitality and education markets have long had to deal with requests for sterile floors. Whether contractors find themselves following new rules or the same ones that they've had to deal with for years, they can turn to new types of concrete floor coating material in order to meet these demands.

Energy usage is another major sticking point that renovation project managers have to contend with. By applying a coating to concrete flooring tiles, interior designers can help to keep a space cool. Reflective coatings won't hold onto heat the way that porous unfinished concrete will, so a given area might stay much cooler than it otherwise would have. Future property owners might not have to use the air conditioning nearly as much as a result.

Individuals who find themselves outfitting an existing kitchen or storage room might want to consider these coatings for the same reason.