Get Your Restaurant Back Entrance Clean and Grime Free

Sep 20, 2018
Back entrances and dumpster areas can be disgusting --
​ unless you use Simix


September 20, 2018 - If there is one area every restaurant owner wants to hide, it's the back entrance where deliveries come in and trash goes out.

These back entrances get smeared with grease, drippings off trash, grime from hand truck wheels, and snow and salt.

These photos are from a Domino's Pizza in the San Francisco Bay Area. This back entrance is almost as busy as the front, with delivery drivers going in and out. It was grimy and sticky.

We applied Simix Cleaner / Degreaser / Sanitizer and lightly scrubbed the surface. It was easier to clean with Simix than their previous method.

After the surface was completely clean, the surface was coated with Simix Ceramic Coating. The coating protects the surface and helps keep it cleaner longer.