Don't Replace Your VCT Tile - Restore VCT Tile with Simix

May 10, 2018
Don't Replace Your VCT Tile - Restore VCT Tile with Simix


Don't Replace Your VCT Tile
Restore Your VCT Tile with Simix

Ripping out and replacing a VCT tile floor can cost $2 or more per square foot. If you’ve got a 40,000 square foot grocery store, you’re looking at $80,000. That’s not to mention the disruption to your customers and your business. Thousands of dollars in sales will go right down the drain while the work is in progress.

That’s why you should restore your floors — not replace them. Simix can save you time and money by bringing back the natural beauty of your old VCT tile.

Just check out the beautiful floors on this high-volume grocery store in the Boston area. This VCT tile is 20-years-old. Before Simix, they were stripping and recoating four times a year.

But all that time-consuming and expensive work stopped eight months ago when we applied Simix.

Now, the floors look almost new. The VCT tile is easy to maintain, even in winter, when salt normally eats up acrylic floor finish.

With Simix, you never strip again. You eliminate daily burnishing. Simix also reduces your risk of slip and falls.

Simix saves you time and money. Simix is not just a coating. It’s a way to restore your VCT tile floors and save tens of thousands of dollars.