Dirty Restrooms are Bad for Business

Apr 07, 2018
Dirty Restrooms are Bad for Business


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April 7, 2018 - A new survey shows that dirty restrooms are very bad for business.

Bradley Corp.’s annual Healthy Handwashing survey found that 44 percent of customers who experience a dirty restroom will think twice before returning to their business. That means that nearly half your customers might not come back if your restroom is smelly or dirty. About 23 percent say they might leave without completing their business or purchase.

And the impact of a dirty restroom will spread far beyond that one customer. About 22 percent said they would tell a friend, and 10 percent will complain on social media. Social media complaints can be especially damaging, because they can be found by other customers for years, and they can spread far beyond the initial customer and his/her circle of friends.

The message of the Bradley Corp. survey is clear: dirty restrooms will cost you money. But clean restrooms can result in repeat customers happy to do business with you.

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