Case Study: Saving 38% on Energy Costs

Jul 27, 2018
Case Study: Saving 38% on Air Conditioning
MANILA, PHILIPPINES (July 27, 2018) - Simix makes it easy to save thousands of dollars per year on air conditioning.

Our partners in the Philippines used Simix A/C Ceramic Coating on two air conditioners on the same building. These air conditioning units were the same make and model, installed in the same year, and doing the same work.

On a single test day in Australia's hot summer month of January, the Simix-coated unit used 9 kWh while the untreated unit used nearly three times as much energy -- 24 kWh.

Over the course of a month, the Simix-coated unit used 151 kWh while the untreated unit used 243 kWh. That's a 38% energy savings.

Our partners estimate that when Simix is used to coat all the air conditioners on a mid-size shopping center in Sydney, the annual savings would be more than $10,000 US dollars per year.