Better Looking Bricks, Better Looking Patios

Nov 22, 2018
Better Looking Bricks, Better Looking Patios
Cleaner Brick Stairs and Brick Patios that Last Longer
Nov. 22, 2018 - Simix Multi-Surface Cleaner and Simix Ceramic Exterior Coating can work wonders on old brick stairs and patios.

Once you've removed mold and dirt from bricks and grout with our Cleaner, you can coat them with our Exterior Coating, protecting them from future damage and helping them last longer. Coated bricks are also easier to clean. 

The stairs in these before and after pictures are several decades old. They were cleaned, then coated. Simix Ceramic Exterior Coating helps protect bricks from future damage, and makes it harder for dirt and mold to attach. Simix also contains nanoparticles of titanium dioxide that react to UV light to fight mold.