Poor indoor air quality has been linked to sick building syndrome, reduced productivity, and negative customer experience.

Common pollutants of indoor air include: Pollutants from indoor combustion, radon, molds and other allergens, carbon monoxide, airborne hydrocarbons volatile organic compounds, legionella and other bacteria, carbon dioxide, ozone and particulates. Source control, filtration, and the use of ventilation to dilute contaminants are the primary methods for improving indoor air quality in most buildings. But in most circumstances they are only recirculating the air, not purifying it.

Microbial activity circulates throughout your building and thrives on all surfaces.

SIMIX Ceramic Coating and Cleaner fight viruses (including coronaviruses) in three ways. First, SIMIX Coating and Cleaner maintain a permanent, safe, high pH that is hostile to viral and microbial growth. Second, SIMIX Coating and Cleaner contain titanium dioxide that works with UV and indoor lighting to constantly sanitize the surface. Third, SIMIX Cleaner contains hydrogen peroxide, which inactivates viruses.

Mold, bacteria and pollen – and the odors they create – live and grow on surfaces that have a pH level between 4.8 and 9.2. While most cleaning and coating products are pH neutral, SIMIX Multi-Surface Cleaner/Degreaser/ Sanitizer (pH 12.5) and SIMIX Multi-Surface Ceramic Coating (pH 12.3) create a permanent, safe, high pH that prevents the growth of mold, bacteria and viruses.

What is SPOT-ON?

Sustainable Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology (SPOT) is what we call the titanium dioxide inside SIMIX Coatings and Degreaser. Titanium dioxide is a safe, naturally occurring compound that reflects natural and artificial light. As that light is reflected, it converts water in the air into a radical form of hydrogen peroxide, often referred to as the “detergent” of the atmosphere which breaks down airborne hydrocarbons, bacteria, viruses, germs, mold and foul musty odors.