Simix Ceramic Floor Coating on LVT in a Church in South Carolina

March 5, 2018 - Simix Ceramic Floor Coating is perfect for LVT (luxury vinyl tile).

We had some of our newly certified Simix contractors help with cleaning and coating LVT at a church in South Carolina.

The floor had not been down that long, but the church was already having problems with it.

Our Simix team cleaned the floor, and then put down four coats of Simix Ceramic Floor Coating. They used a fan to dry the floor between coats to speed up the process (although Simix does dry more quickly than wax). Simix never needs to be stripped again. It will never yellow, chip, peel or crack.

The floor looked better immediately. The richness of the LVT was brought out by the Simix Coating, and the floor will be protected for years to come.

Like many church rooms, this is a busy area and parishoners are often moving furniture around on it. Simix will protect the floor from heavy traffic, scratches, and whatever else the busy life of this church has planned for it.