Floors Coated and Cleaned with Simix Stay Cleaner Longer

Floors coated and cleaned with Simix stay cleaner longer than floors with regular acrylic coatings. Cleaning less often means you save time and money. In grocery, retail and restaurant locations, cleaner floors are proven to increase sales and return visits.

It's easy to transition floors to Simix High Shine Ceramic Coating

  • Step 1:Strip thoroughly with stripping solution and Simix.
  • Step 2:Rinse with 220 grit diamond pads, 800 grit diamond pads,
    and red pads.
  • Step 3:Apply 4 coats.
  • Step 4:Autoscrub with the 800 the next day.
  • Step 5:Apply 4 more coats.
  • Step 6:Wet polish with a 3000 diamond.

Surface preparation is the key to a successful transition. You have to completely rid the surface of acrylic floor finish and residue before coating.