Multi-Surface Ceramic Clearcoat

Extends the life of your roof
Prevents algae, mold, and mildew regrowth

Reduces your energy bill by 10–20%*

  • Preserves
  • Protects

White Membrane (TPO/PVC/EPDM) • Elastomeric • Asphalt Shingle Tile • Vertical Surfaces

*Savings will vary based on geographical location and temperatures. The hotter the temperature the more the savings.


Before coating air temp 110°F. Surface temp 147.1°F
After coating air temp 112°F. Surface temp 97.8°F


Before coating air temp 83°F. Surface temp 117.3°F
After coating air temp 85°F. Surface temp 71.8°F

Reduces roof & vertical surface temperatures by 40º–76ºF

SIMIX significantly lowers energy costs and extends the life of your roof

Extend the life of your roof
Help prevent UV damage
Water based | Zero VOC | No odor
Clear silicate-based ceramic
Reduce your energy bills
Improve appearance
Easy spray-on application
Turns all surfaces into an AIR PURIFIER

SIMIX will help all exterior surfaces
look better, last longer and stay cooler

Surfaces stay cleaner longer

  • Preserves
  • Protects
  • Pool Decks
  • Concrete
  • Pavers

Before coating air temp 83°F. Surface temp 120.2°F
After coating air temp 85°F. Surface temp 83.7°F
Lowered by 36.5°F

  • Enhances true color
  • Prevents further oxidation
  • Prevents all automotive fluids from attaching
  • High traction coating - Reduce slip and fall
  • Reduces salt and freeze-thaw damage
  • Prevents algae, mold, and mildew regrowth
  • Water-based
  • Zero VOCs
  • No odor
  • Never use bleach again

100% Solar Reflectance on All Light to Medium Color Surfaces

SIMIX Multi-Surface Ceramic Clearcoat keeps your surface COOL

Our permanent high pH Ceramic Clearcoat contains Potassium and Lithium Silicates and when applied as directed will reflect 100% of the IR Bandwidth of the sun thus preventing the surface from becoming a generator of heat.

  • Reduce local air temperature (heat island effect)

SIMIX SPOT-ONTM keeps your surface CLEANER longer

SIMIX SPOT–ONTM Technology - Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) a photocatalyst prevents algae from attaching and breaks down greenhouse gases and turns them into pure carbon and pure oxygen. The water-soluble carbon eventually washes away in the rain, keeping your surface cleaner longer.

  • 100% Water Based Zero VOC’s.
  • Pet Safe
  • Plant Safe

SIMIX Multi-Surface Ceramic Clearcoat Works With

The Sun to Cool and Clean Your Roof

Photocatalysts in SIMIX Multi-Surface Ceramic Clearcoat reflect sunlight. This keeps your rooftop cooler and your building cooler, too. The photocatalysts also generate radicals that bind with chemicals in pollution. They are transformed into water-soluble ions that eventually wash away in the rain.

Lowering Roof Temperatures Saves You Money

Lower Temperatures Help Your Roof Last Longer

Your uncoated roof can reach 160​° on 90°F day. These high temperatures accelerate the chemical processes that break down your roofing.

Lower Temperatures Reduce Thermal Shock

Roofing systems expand in heat and contract when it gets cold. This cycle of expansion and contraction strains your roof and shortens its life span.

Lower Attic Temperatures Save Your Money

​When your attic gets hot, your home gets hotter. Hot attics radiate heat into living spaces and can cause condensation problems. Hot attics force your air conditioner to work harder and longer.

SIMIX Lowered the Temperature on This
Single-Ply White Membrane Roof by 56.3​°F
SIMIX Lowered Surface Temperature on ​This
Asphalt Shingle Roof by 49.3°F

Additional Savings will be achieved once you clean and coat your A/C Condenser and Evaporator Coils. See A/C Page.

One product for all your exterior cleaning needs

  • Removes roof algae, mold, dirt, grease and oil
  • Overspray is not harmful to pets or plants
  • Safer and cheaper than bleach
  • Eliminates pet urine, oil and grill grease stains

Coming Soon!


As SIMIX ceramic coatings were introduced through the years, each coating was labeled specific to its surface description. It has always been the same coating with varying dilution rates done in the field with distilled water

  • - High Shine Ceramic Floor Coating SMX-7700-01
  • - A/C Ceramic Coating SMX-3450-01
  • - Exterior Ceramic Coating SMX-5500-01

While we complete our label transition to one common label for all ceramic coatings you will be receiving the High Shine Ceramic Floor Coating (SMX-7700-01).

SIMIX is Easy to Apply. Click here to Learn How